The name JOSTAKID derived from “JUST A KID” with the intention of being humble and not wanting to stand out but also being the UNDERDOG.

The Underdog is someone being looked down on, but has the drive to become triumphant against all the odds resulting in great achievements!

JOSTAKID draws inspiration from the vision, the friends and the hoodlike ambitions from 2KXX youth and is translated into illustrations, designs and the clothing.


This is for the UNDERDOGS.

This is for the youth that seek a hustle to achieve great wealth, to have fun or becoming #1. Because the traditional route does not always offer the same options when looked down on.

This is JOSTAKID For Kids Dreaming of Making Cheddar & Power Status




We’ll be going from city to city, from town to town, from landpost to landpost we on the roads!


Experimental Pop up Location

Hall of Fame, Tilburg
Old location of WooHah 2015